Fetus Dreams

by Heartbeat Hotel

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Ebilmherodac Raymund Caneda Vigueras
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Ebilmherodac Raymund Caneda Vigueras The Disc is Awesome, and this track it's just unbelievable Favorite track: Fins of a Shark.
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released March 18, 2010

Produced by Heartbeat Hotel
Recorded & Mixed by Chris Lyons
Artwork by Dave Kleiser

Songs 1/2/3/5/8 written by A. Smith & C. Lyons,
Songs 6/7/10 written by C. Lyons,
Song 4 written by A. Smith
Song 9 written by F. Chopin, arr. C. Lyons



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Heartbeat Hotel Toronto, Ontario

"[Heartbeat Hotel's] songs can make you bob your head with the beat one moment, at the next have you lost in an ocean of weird, built-up atmospheric noise..." - EXAMINER.COM

"With a sound reminiscent of über-hip bands like Animal Collective and Braids, the only thing standing between [Fetus Dreams] and the indie zeitgeist was a lack of ears." - NOW MAGAZINE
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Track Name: Polar Bears
This is the one for when I mean it....
Track Name: Fins of a Shark
Wednesday mornin' and you see right through
all the past stuck starin' right back at you
you're at the point where sayin' hello is the end,
and that's the last knife stuck in your back my friend
It's the second time today that I've had to call
to get you standin' back up on the ground -
the bigots will try but they'll end up purple,
the fins of a shark make 'em swim in circles.

When ev'ry little hitch catches up with you
and cuts a path into everything you're trying to do
its the art of forgetting that makes you mend
and that's a trick that you'll have to pick up, my friend
It's the seventh time today that I've had to call
to tell you everything'll be alright...
the bigots will try but they'll end up purple,
the fins of a shark make 'em swim in circles
Track Name: The Hello Barrel
Promise not to bother, just saying hello
we're letting the grass grow long,
we're letting the grass grow.
Just singin' a hello song -
just saying hello.
Promise not to argue, just saying hello.
Heading off to Montreal,
heading off next weekend -
saying hello.

Barrelling around the Universe is all we know.
We enjoy the show.
We enjoy this show.
Track Name: Walls of Dry Clouds
You don't know what to do anymore.
You have to have it out with all your ghosts.
You don't know how to handle yourself.

You don't know all your innerself.
You don't know how to say what we'll remember you by.
& You set the offer, & You set the offer that you may not honour anymore...

& You get your saddle on
& You get so headstrong
& You get satisfied...

What have you done today?
What does he want today?
What, words you cannot say??
What, were you born today??

If you can't sort it out, then this town'll drive you mad.
If you can't figure it out, then they all go walkin' out.
If you can't figure it out, then it's all the same....
Track Name: Windowsill 1
3 disfigured Gentlemen on their way back from backgammon...

the Ladies in waiting are always oh so elegant:
lanterns in windows & love notes in their panti-hose...

type-written lover prose & windowsills of primrose...
Got to be good.

You say that I'm your friend, but I love you like a lover.
You say that it'll never end, but I love you like no other.

Be good to me, cuz I'm so good for you..
Be good to me, cuz I'm so good for you..

Track Name: Sunglasses
Whirlwind of a world I'm livin' in,
the Garbagemen have come to take it over.
Track Name: Monday's Tea & Bagel
The sun in my eyes makes me warm, shoulders and thighs. Through cotton, through glass...or maybe plastic;
wishin' I was naked.

You don't know what you do when you walk by, unassuming. These stone steps get cold enough for me to get up and chase you.

Your shadow looms large, and it's beside me. But I'm still chilly. The sun sure is nice, but not when its lonely. Girl, am I lonely without you.

You don't know what you do when you walk away, unassuming. These small shoes get so big that I don't know what to do.